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Wood boat on the beach on Mediterranean Sea, Port Said, Egypt

Wood boat on the beach on Mediterranean Sea, Port Said, Egypt
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World Tour 2013 - 2014 - day 279

Part Said is not such a famous city but walking along the docks is pretty interesting and beautiful especially as a harbor. At west side of the dock starts the Mediterranean Sea.

Video of the freighter cruise to Egypt:

I arrived in Egypt by freighter boat, coming from Asia. Initially I wanted to disembark at Djibouti but it was not possible so I arrived at Port Said like Tintin in 'Pharaoh cigars', having got through Suez Canal.
Two days latter I got to Cairo in order to take a flight to Djibouti which was my original destination. Although I had already visited Cairo area some years ago I took advantage of my being there to visit it again since the current political tensions made the main attractions being totally tourist empty. But actually it was really annoying for me. SInce I was almost the only tourist on the place all the hasslers were on me for bakchich.
Most of the visitors were local families and they are really nice. Egyptian people are not so easy to speak to, but become more comfortable after some conversation.

On the bazaar I was not annoyed by any hassler.
Date: 2014-12-10 20:44:12
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another great shot congrats my friend
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