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Image from page 450 of "The thrones and palaces of Babylon and Ninevah from sea to sea; a thousand miles on horseback .." (1876)

Image from page 450 of
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Identifier: thronespalacesof00newm
Title: The thrones and palaces of Babylon and Ninevah from sea to sea; a thousand miles on horseback ..
Year: 1876 (1870s)
Authors: Newman, John Philip, 1826-1899
Subjects: Babylonia -- Description and travel Iraq -- Description and travel
Publisher: New York, Harper & brothers
Contributing Library: Princeton Theological Seminary Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
THE DROMEDARY. su23position that the former has one hump, and the latterhas two humps. But such is not the case. The double-humped camel is found only in Bactria, and in countriesnorth and east of Persia; and is shorter, thicker, moremuscular, covered with a dark and shaggy hair, and isheavier and stronger than the single-humped camel found * Isaiah xxi., 7. BABYLON AND NINEVEH. 447 in Mesopotamia, Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Africa. Thelatter are taller, more slender, of a paler color, lighter inform and in flesh, and are covered with a short, sleekhair. From the single-humped camel comes the drome-dary, which is trained for speed, and holds the same re-lation to other camels that the race-horse holds to otherhorses. Having passed the great caravan, we rode on, andlunched at Saracosh. During the afternoon our path

Text Appearing After Image:
ARAB CAMELS. lay through a beautiful section of country, where the soilwas red, rich, and well cultivated. Crossing the charm-ing Sarjure, we halted for the night at the small villageof Karaguz. From the peasants we replenished our ex-hausted larder, and after a good supper on what thedairy, the hennery, and the flock could furnish, we restedfor the night. The mornino; was brio-ht, but a stronsj north-west windblew hard all day, which detracted from the pleasure of 448 THRONES AND PALACES OF traveling. At noon we rested for two hours at Cliobora-l>eojee, where is a small mosque shaded by three youngtrees. The pretty maidens of the place were milking thesheep, which their youthful brothers had driven in fromthe fields. Both men and women were engaged in brick-making, and the bricks produced resembled in size andcolor those I had seen at ancient Babylon and Nineveh.After our too brief rest, we were again in the saddle,and, during the afternoon, rode through a rich country,and more th

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bookid:thronespalacesof00newm bookyear:1876 bookdecade:1870 bookcentury:1800 bookauthor:Newman__John_Philip__1826_1899 booksubject:Babylonia____Description_and_travel booksubject:Iraq____Description_and_travel bookpublisher:New_York__Harper___brothers bookcontributor:Princeton_Theological_Seminary_Library booksponsor:MSN bookleafnumber:450 bookcollection:Princeton bookcollection:americana

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