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Border Control

Border Control
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Jo and I decided to drive to the Iraq border today. We set off around 3pm in order to make it for sunrise. It took us around 90 minutes to get there, after we weaved in and out trying to avoid all the potholes! Seriously, I challenge anyone to try and go to Abdaly and back with out hitting one - impossible!

We travelled along the Highway 80, or 'The Highway of Death' as it was labelled after the coalition bombing of the Iraqi convoy as they retreated in February 1991. It was a strange feeling knowing so many had died on the road that we were on.

We weren't sure where to stop exactly and were somewhat concerned about missing the last U-turn before the border, so when we seen this 10k signpost we decided to park up. It was the quietest place I've been to in Kuwait. Not a car in sight, apart from the odd truck and only camels and sheep to keep you company. It was brilliant.

For this photo, I wanted to include 'Highway 80' in the composition. I decided to place the camera low to the ground so the texture of the road could be seen. I used a small aperture (f/20) to ensure everything was in focus and the signpost wasn't blurred in any way. Afterwards I adjusted the saturation and increased the structure for more definition on the road.
Date: 2017-02-28 17:55:38

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