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Image from page 16 of "The story of Marco Polo" (1899)

Image from page 16 of
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Identifier: storyofmarcopolo00polo
Title: The story of Marco Polo
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Authors: Polo, Marco, 1254-1323? Brooks, Noah, 1830-1903, [from old catalog] ed
Subjects: Voyages and travels
Publisher: New York, The Century co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
f Europe knew exactly what mannerof people lived, or what countries lay, beyond thewestern boundary of Cathay. None knew aught ofthe inhabitants (or if there were inhabitants) of theregions that we now know as India, Sumatra, Japan,Corea, and the eastern coasts of Asia and Africa.It was supposed that the farthest extreme, or easternedge, of Cathay ran off into a region of continualdarkness, a bog or marsh where all manner of strangebeasts, hobgoblins, and monsters roamed and howled.And it was not surprising that, when the three Polos(for these were they) came back from that desperatelysavage country and claimed their own, they werelaughed to scorn. It seemed reasonable to believe I.] RETURN OF THE WANDERERS. that the three, having been gone so many years, hadwandered off into the Sea of Darkness and hadperished miserably, or had been destroyed by thewild creatures of that terrible region. How the three Polos so far convinced their rela-tions, who were in possession of the Polo mansion

Text Appearing After Image:
Oic Emperor of Omt in Venice, as to gain admittance, we do not know;but John Baptist Ramusio, who has written anentertaining history of the Polo family, sets forthwhat was done by the three Polos to prove thatthey were what they claimed to be, after they hadtaken possession of their house. They explainedthat they had been in the service of the GreatKhan, or Emperor, of the Mongol Empire, and 4 THE STORY OF MARCO POLO. [Ch. that they had amassed wealth while in the regionvariously known as Cathay, China, Mongolia, and theFar East. Here is what the good John BaptistRamusio has to tell of the device by which Maffeo,Nicolo, and young Marco Polo finally convincedtheir neighbours of the truth of their marvellousstory: They invited a number of their kindred to an entertain-ment, which they took care to have prepared with greatstate and splendour in that house of theirs ; and when thehour arrived for sitting down to table, they came forth oftheir chamber, all three clothed in crimson satin, fstoryofmarcopolo00polo

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bookid:storyofmarcopolo00polo bookyear:1899 bookdecade:1890 bookcentury:1800 bookauthor:Polo__Marco__1254_1323_ bookauthor:Brooks__Noah__1830_1903___from_old_catalog__ed booksubject:Voyages_and_travels bookpublisher:New_York__The_Century_co_ bookcontributor:The_Library_of_Congress booksponsor:The_Library_of_Congress bookleafnumber:16 bookcollection:library_of_congress bookcollection:americana

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