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Image from page 138 of "Travels in Ladâk, Tartary, and Kashmir" (1862)

Image from page 138 of
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Identifier: cu31924023017795
Title: Travels in Ladâk, Tartary, and Kashmir
Year: 1862 (1860s)
Authors: Torrens, Henry D'Oyley
Publisher: London : Saunders, Otley & Co.
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
y to tliat of a Christian.* But upon rich and poor, on the educatedand the ignorant alike, the doctrine of the trans-migration of souls acts fatally; it is to theBudhist what fatalism is to the Mahommedan.If a Budhist is treated with kindness and benevo-lence, he sees no cause for gratitude, because helooks upon it all as the result of good worksperformed by him in a previous state ofexistence. If, on the other hand, misfortuneovertake him, he considers it as a punishmentfor sins committed by him when existing inanother shape. The vastness of the undertaking—i.e., the con-version of the numerous tribes inhabiting theelevated plains of Central Asia—stands out inprominent contrast with the simple earnestness ofthe three humble men engaged in it—men whohave left home, house, and kindred—who haveplaced between them and the rest of the worlda barrier of snow and ice which is for six monthsof the year impassable ; and who are content to * Vide Prinseps Thibet, Tartary, and Mongolia.

Text Appearing After Image:
>«,, i^ 7A z 0 *#»♦ ^-^ Tartary, and Kashmir. 121 spend their lives among a people alien to themin language, habits, custom, and religion, in thebeHef that in so doing they are but fulfillingtheir duty towards God—another duty towardsman. We crossed the river, and paid a visit to themission next morning en route. Open the little wicket gate! take one shortstep inside I Presto ! pop ! You are no longerin Thibet—you are thousands of miles awayback in dear old Deutschland! ! * * * One of the Herr Pastors comes forwardcourteously to greet you (he has been smoking amatutinal pipe in the cool spacious verandah)and asks you in. The sudden transition fromdirt and squalor to the scrupulous cleanliness ofa German dwelling-house is utterly bewildering.Ere you have recovered your presence of mindyou are introduced, first, to a lady who is knittingstockings by the stove; and then to another whois playing with a baby in the window-seat.The ladies do not speak English, says theHe

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bookid:cu31924023017795 bookyear:1862 bookdecade:1860 bookcentury:1800 bookauthor:Torrens__Henry_D_Oyley bookpublisher:London___Saunders__Otley___Co_ bookcontributor:Cornell_University_Library booksponsor:MSN bookleafnumber:138 bookcollection:cornell bookcollection:americana

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