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Image from page 409 of "Siberia and the exile system" (1891)

Image from page 409 of
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Identifier: siberiaexilesyst02kennuoft
Title: Siberia and the exile system
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Authors: Kennan, George, 1845-1924
Subjects: Siberia (Russia) -- Description and travel
Publisher: new York : Century
Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto
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Text Appearing Before Image:
wild,isolated, and almost unknown tribe known as the Soyots,who live a nomadic life in the rugged mountainous regionof the upper Yenisei in northern Mongolia. Among theseSoyot objects I was surprised to find a big rudely fash-ioned jewsharp—an instrument that I had never seen inRussia—a set of strange-looking chessmen in which thebishops were double-humped Bactrian camels and the pawnswere dogs or wolves, and a set of wooden dice and chipsused in playing a game that, as nearly as I could find out,was a Mongolian variety of backgammon. Mr. Martianofhad just been describing the Soyots to me as the wildest, 1 According to Professor Aspelin, the Ugrian language, and date back to a state archaeologist of Finland, who period very remote — as remote, prob- since my return from Siberia has visited ably, as 2000 B.C. In his opinion the Minusinsk, these inscriptions are in people of the Minusinsk bronze age the earliest known form of the Finno- were of the Finno-Ugrian stock. 394 SIBERIA

Text Appearing After Image:
fiercest, most savage native tribe in all northern Mongolia;but after I discovered that they understood the value ofdoublets in backgammon, knew how to checkmate in threemoves with a two-humped Bactrian camel, and could playsweet Mongolian aeolian airs on the identical jewsbarp of my bojmood, I felt as ifI had suddenly discov-ered a long lost tribe ofAsiatic cousins. It wasof no use, after that, totry to impress me withthe Soyots wildness andferocity. Any tribe thatcould throw dice, playthe Mongolian jewsharp,and open a game of chesswith the khans double-humped - Bactrian - cam-els dog gambit was highenough in the scale ofcivilization to teach socialaccomplishments even to the Siberians. It is true that theSoyots last year lay in wait for and captured the distin-guished Finnish archaeologist Professor Aspelin, and heldhim for some time a prisoner; but they may have done thismerely as a means of getting him to teach them some newjewsharp music, instruct them in Finnish backgammon, orsh

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bookid:siberiaexilesyst02kennuoft bookyear:1891 bookdecade:1890 bookcentury:1800 bookauthor:Kennan__George__1845_1924 booksubject:Siberia__Russia_____Description_and_travel bookpublisher:new_York___Century bookcontributor:Robarts___University_of_Toronto booksponsor:MSN bookleafnumber:409 bookcollection:robarts bookcollection:toronto

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