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In Perfect Balance

In Perfect Balance
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Location: Inle Lake, Myanmar
Name: Molly Parrish
Program: Semester at Sea, Colorado State, Spring 2017

Photo Category #1: Exploring local cultures and traditions

Description: After 21 hours of traveling through the mountains in the countryside of Myanmar, my friends and I had finally reached Inle. Upon arrival, we met a woman who arranged for us to be out on the lake for sunrise. We left our hotel early and walked down the dirt roads, listening to the howling of the feral dog packs as we wandered in complete darkness. We walked for a long time until we reached the jetty where our boat was going to be launching. As soon as we were on the water, I was taken back by the beauty of the lake. It was surrounded by mountains, and the sunrise could be seen reflecting on the smooth water. We were on our way to visit the morning floating market as we passed this fisherman. His smile was big as he balanced his net while standing rowing his boat with one foot. He even caught a fish, and held it up for us to see, laughter being had by all, even though we spoke different languages.
Date: 2017-10-10 18:40:37

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