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Long Neck Karen

Long Neck Karen
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Long Neck Karens, also known as Kayans/Padaung people, are historically known to be a Burmese indigenous tribe that lives near the borders of Thailand. They are best known for their elongated necks which is usually covered by gold-plated brass rings. Some of them even have more than 25 rings placed in their neck!

History states that most of them opted to flee to Thailand due to political issues with Myanmar but never granted a Thai citizenship. This pushed them to live in the guarded hills of Northern Thailand where they receive food allowances, wages, and profit from handicraft sales in exchange for tourism.

Visiting their village is truly an exotic experience, but will also make you think that is it really appropriate to treat this tribe as a "human zoo" for tourism purposes? How much percentage of my 300 THB (Approx. 9-10 USD) entrance fee goes to the villagers? Do they feel comfortable seeing hundreds of tourists flock to their village everyday, taking pictures and scattering their images all over the internet?

If this is the only way they could survive in this modern-day world, then I guess there's nothing we can do. Will I visit again? Probably not. Quite a sad place to visit, in my honest opinion.

Verbal permission were asked to the villager before taking this photo.
Date: 2018-03-08 03:23:10
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